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Time in our parts slows down , it acquires a different rhythm.

The past is handed on to us by a group of elderly people, sitting in the little square of a medieval village, caressed by the breeze that blows from the sea and with their gaze towards the Apennine mountains.A tale that becomes a stream of wisdom, passed on from one generation to another, and which expands until becoming a single source of constant suggestion, full of voices and stories. Traditions in Mosciano Sant’Angelo, in the province of Teramo, have been preserved almost unchanged during the centuries. Here more than elsewhere. This is the real Italy, with a fully Mediterranean lifestyle and taste, that is recognized to us and for which we are envied worldwide. Still today, like in the past. Simply because it is here that the real “Made in Italy” is carried out.

Mosciano Sant'Angelo from above historical black and white photo
antique tools for working wood by Manufactory Design


Our company has been working with wood for almost a century.

We started with a little workshop of joiners and carpenters. As time went by , thanks to the artisan skills, the passion for our job and for furnishing objects, the little workshop became a solid, well-known and recognized point of reference. A success due also to the excellent quality of wood available in the area – we are talking mainly about the walnut, named “National Walnut”.Ours is a history deeply-rooted in the territory. With time we became a semi-industrial reality, with an excellent reputation due the very high level reached in working furniture by project.

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Thanks also to a mutual understanding and systematic cooperation with architects and interior decorators we realized many projects of interiors acquiring know-how and experience in the commercial sector (restoration and hotels) as well as in the private one (housing and business), carrying out special custom-made work in agreement with the designer and the buyer. Throughout the years we have therefore realized many “made to measure clothes” for private, public and commercial residences in Italy and worldwide.


We like defining ourselves “contemporary artisans” capable of realising every wish of personalization.

Whether it is for a little furnishing object or for a big interior project. This is our strength point, the key to Manufactory’s success. During the years we worked with enthusiasm in order to make handicraft and industry meet, managing to reach what we consider the right dimension for their coexistence, creating a different company model that proposes semi-serial products and projects. This allows us to satisfy customers always more demanding in terms of performance quality and material refinement, guaranteeing them sure and certified times, exclusivity and differentiation. We are interested in the individual, with his specific needs, his tastes and his desire to distinguish himself. We study – and work – always in terms of people and never by groups or categories.

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For this reason, we are particularly appreciated and rewarded, systematically, through our customer’s satisfaction and by their word of mouth. The union of the words “handmade + industrial” may appear as a contradiction, but instead it holds the essence of our project. Work and experience made it possible to face this challenge, and to remark that, not only it is possible, but actually necessary to reunite these two dimensions: handicraft and industry. Over the years we have maintened this idea and we will continue doing so in the future, sure of our traditions and our capability of doing the job that we love.

falegname che sta tagliando tavole di legno con sega circolare di Manufactory Design
handcrafted solid wood table by Manufactory Design


Our products have a recognizable mark.

Precious materials and work that require time, passion and competence, together with lines that have a contemporary taste, careful in balancing shape and function as in the best Italian design tradition. The same distinguishing mark can be found in the custom-made-work , embedded in products and projects we carry out, tangible in the performance experience at the designer’s service, visible in the customer’s satisfaction. We are sure that nowadays our formula is more than ever up to date, that taste for “handicraft” which privileges art of matter against serial reproducibility. Thus as it happens with fingerprints, our projects are equal but at the same time different from one another.

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