trucioli nelle mani del falegname  Manufactory Design a Mosciano S. Angelo Teramo in Abruzzo


Our company has been working with wood for almost a century.

We started with a little workshop of joiners and carpenters As time went by, thanks to the artisan skills and the passion for our job, the little workshop became a solid, well-known and recognized point of reference. A success due also to the excellent quality of wood available in the area – we are talking mainly about the walnut, named “National Walnut”

Manufactory Stories

Once upon a time there were shops that filled the Italian villages and were swarming with master builders and apprentices. At that time there was also our small workshop of carpenter carpenters, where professionals were trained who over the years have handed down the trade to the younger ones, who came here to learn, collaborating to build credibility and a solid reputation.

Over the years, our artisan skills and passion for this work have made us grow and become a structured company, capable of serving a demanding clientele and transforming us into a point of reference stated.

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